Supply Chain-Making AI Transparent

There has been a lot written on AI. It is a software that learns from previous iterations and searching the web, maybe both internally and externally. There are many opportunities to use this software in the supply chain and it will undoubtedly be beneficial.

But there will be times the incorrect or sub-optimal solutions will happen. There seems to be a word this type of issues, “hallucinations.”

My experience with supply chain software is it always had it biases. I discovered what those biases is through using the software. These biases are more pronounced when there is an unanticipated change in the market.

Right now, AI is mostly a black box. How does it make decisions?

Would it be useful to have the software be transparent on how it made the calls or decisions on a given topic? The chosen response by the AI software may have one piece of information heavier than another piece of information. For example, if recommended storing product X at a further warehouse, why did the software make that recommendation.

Software sellers love to sell the magical black box, a software that is always gives the best outcome. To make your best business decisions, there needs to be some transparency in the software recommendations came about.

Like good robotics, the best products enhance the employees of the company to be more efficient and increase productivity and safety. The organization and its employees really cannot do the best job if they do not understand what the software is telling them to do.

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