ChatGPT, AI and the Supply Chain

I am sure leaders of organizational supply chains just let out a sigh as yet a new wave of Logistics/Supply Chain software is coming down the pike. The main brand is known as ChatGPT, and will have other names as well as from other suppliers. I am going to call it DMT for Data Management Tool. I am going to recommend supply chain leaders look at this tool on two different levels. One for smaller applications and one for larger application

Supply Chain departments are typically organized with top people and lower-level people who has a primary responsibility of assembling data for organization understanding of what is going on and initiatives. Additionally, the lower-level people typically also handled day to day supply chain issues and are the main communication leak to others inside and outside the organization, particularly lower levels.

A smaller application DMT will make these lower level people more efficient as it minds basic data internally to the organization and externally on the web. Will these lower levels positions become unnecessary with DMT? No, because, providing context to the information, both from internal and external perspective, will still be needed. If data leads to process changes, change management will be needed and the lower level positions will need to carry this out. Supply chain processes ultimately are people management position.

This small application DMT should not be outlandishly expensive. You can some these tools for free on the web, but I believe a system working primarily on company databases and focused web sites, is worth a relatively inexpensive expense.

There are some large organizations with highly complex software and data needs. DMT, as an add on software, may have significant benefits which will make a higher cost worthwhile to spend. A large organization such as Kroger, will have different and more complex needs and software than successful mid-size firm let’s call it Joe’s Manufacturer. Both of them will benefit from a low cost DMT but Kroger would probably benefit from the larger application.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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