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Jan 22

My 50 Year Supply Chain Career

By Julian Blumenthal To help digest my nearly 50-year career in Transportation/Logistics/Supply Chain, it will be easier if I break it down into topics: 30,000 Feet View, Basic Job Details, Education, Technology, and I will end about the most important … Read More

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Jun 14

Marketing and the Supply Chain

Supply chain professionals have had their hands full of issues since March 2020 when Covid hit full force. Supply chain has dealt with among other things: market and transportation variability, shortage of capacity in both transportation and warehousing, unexpectedly high-rate … Read More

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Jun 02

Supply Chain from Both Sides

It is June 2021 and there appears to be a shortage of everything, semi-conductors, steel, and paperboard just to name a few key products. There is a Joni Mitchell song, famously covered with Judy Collins entitled: Both Sides Now. I … Read More

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Sep 07

Vaccinating the Supply Chain

Coming to a national state near you is likely to be a mass vaccination program for Covid 19. DC Velocity had an interesting interview in their August 2020 with Dr. Clive Hohberger. The article focused on the supply chain vaccination … Read More

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