Hiring in the Supply Chain

Virtually everybody trying to be hired finds the hiring process extremely frustrating. In the supply chain, those working in this field have heard for decades about breaking silos in the corporation, but yet the hiring process is almost completely transactional. Maybe it is time to rethink this.

The way most corporate hiring process is done is to write a job description. The description will require the candidate to do X number of things, computer literate, be trained in the supply chain, and history of doing such and such.

So yes the job description can be a baseline. However doing all does things in the job description will not make a successful candidate. The successful candidate will need to these things in conjunction with:

  1. Work with people within the organization
  2. Work with people outside the organization
  3. Deal with constant change, be additive in the process and not a determent to it.
  4. Be a person whose actions allow others in the department to perform betteer.

Let me give a sports example what I mean. There are way too many stories of a really good athlete who destroyed his team by being arrested, and not be available for the big games. There are other stories of a person being a great athlete but is terrible for team chemistry, which causes the team to lose games it should have won. This why the job description may be meant by the applicant but that person would be a really bad choice for the job.

So yes it is important to get out of the silo of the job description and looking at job holistically which includes corporate culture and interpersonal dynamics.

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