Importance of learning culture

Yesterday I met a representative of a tool and engineering company.  In talking to her, I was interested to learn that the company’s policy was that it would support all outside education of there regular employees regardless of a direct line benefit to the company. The idea behind that was that employees needed to have a culture of learning to serve their customers.

If you are in the supply chain and logistics field, change is constantly happening.  Not only are the markets for your firm constantly changing , suppliers are having issues, transportation options are slowing up, speeding up or going up in price. The best practices in the field are constantly changing.  Unless one is willing to learn, being able to change as your business environment changes is not going to happen.

For the individual, this is a challenge, because the day to day job pressures, usually means learning is on the off hours of the job. But if one makes learning an important career value it will happen.





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