Supply Chain Retirement Job Part 1

I am fortunate enough to have a 25 hour a week “retirement” job with Signode. I will be using that experience as basis to write two short blogs. Part 1 is about the job attributes I think are necessary to be lucky enough to find such a position. Part 2  in about a week will be thoughts on when such a position would be of value to a firm. While I will not be describing my specific job, obviously, it will be of influence in these blogs.

What are the values you can bring to an employer?

Your experience with some important caveats is one the main value to our employer.  The employer does not need 10 or 20 year old business processes. What is needed is good judgement on how to improve and foster current business processes in a continually changing business environment.  Your judgement when to proactive on an issue and engage people on it, and when not to do it are extremely valuable. Your experience should help you make the generally good calls on when to bring others before doing something and when you just go it alone.

You can be of value as mentor to younger workers, providing the guidance that others in the organization just do not have the time to do.

And yes, even though you might be ancient to some, you can be a change agent. Change is a difficult for everyone, and using good change agent processes you can be of value to the organization.

Chemistry with the people in the firm is particularly important. At older age you should beyond needing a job just for money. It needs to be enjoyable to go work, otherwise, why do it?

One more important aspect is the end game which is extremely important. When management decides that your position in the company is no longer needed, leave graciously.  Be glad to have been able to contribute and for the experience and compensation that came along with it. Leaving on good terms with your employer will not cause others to fear hiring you for fear of complications when you leave.

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