When You Experience Poor Leadership

My last blog was how everybody in the supply chain can and should be a leader and a good one at that.  We all know the opposite happens. It sure does! Poor leadership can result from poor practices, processes and attitudes. It is a major road block to achieving success.

It is easy to get very angry in these type of situations. Poor leadership will not only prevent a given project from working or working well, but will have an adverse affect on your career and the business culture in your life.

Good leadership requires clear goals, listening, respect for others and patience. In a bad leadership situation these skills are still needed by you. It will minimize the damage to the project and yourself.  Complain if you must in private, but listen and learn, there will be more opportunities ahead and what you can learn will be of value.

If you are in a bad situation with your boss whose poor leadership results in hindering your success, and condensing belittling attitude towards you, it time for a change.  Perhaps you have seen employees in bad situation for years. I have. Most cases there is a fear that there is no other choice but to live in that bad situation.

When you are being belittled by poor boss, you have to make it a point to think positively of yourself, which is of course the exact opposite of the input you are getting. Look for help from supportive spouses, relatives and friends.  Getting a positive attitude about yourself is one of the hardest things you will ever do.  Remember how bad being belittled makes you feel, so avoid doing that others as result of the frustration you are feeling

It is easy to focus on job income and promotion but you should also be looking for a company culture to helps you be productive and successful.  Those in poor business cultures are going to have less successful career life, with significantly more health issues.  Good health is result of not only healthy eating and exercise but a good mental situation.

Bad situations come and they will only stay bad — if the work is not done to change them.



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