Supply Chain the Importance of You

If you were working on AI (Artificial Intelligence) program in 2019, would you have programed, it for the Covid pandemic crisis. Of course, not, it was something which could not be visualized. Supply Chain is full of bumps, curves, panic events and surprises. Lucky you are there to deal with them. That is why the company or organization are investing in live people like yourself to handle the unexpected and yes, much of the expected too.

There is the blocking and tackling aspect of the job. There is the tactical and strategic aspect of the job. This will be discussed in my next essay entitled: Supply Chain the Importance of Others coming next week. But here I want to reenforce the importance of you. Let’s first look at the intangible presence you provide.

Just being in the job gives you presence, but its value is how you use. There arestatements of from top management about company ideals which should include integrity and safety as well as business objectives. The top people put out these ideals and business goals, but it is you that implements them. I had several experiences with a company where there was a significant turnover of personnel. As a holdover, I found I was informally teaching how the company operates, and reenforcing the ideals and goals of the company. The other holdovers did the same thing. Because of that with top management support, the companies were able to reasonably get through a potential rocky period. In short, you matter. Your actions are important. How you do actions is important.

Sustainability is a word uses to describe environmental and sometimes it is used to describe business continuation. Let’s look at this a personal level of you. Meeting the ideals and goals of the company is a way to keep yourself sustainable in a company.

There is another side to personal sustainability. If the company managers and company culture see you as a machine, continually abusing you with words, putting you down, and belittling you on a regular basis, you should move on. I certainly seen organizations where the best choice for your personal sustainability is to move on to a better place. I have seen lives destroyed and ended prematurely by the stress of a bad work situation. It is difficult to make career changes, but if you care about yourself, you will move away from those toxic situations.

Every person has the chance to contribute to the cultural and work life of the firm in positive way. Your actions are the organization’s culture. Supply chain by its nature is in the process of constant change effecting many in the organization. How the change is communicated and how feedback is heard is many times up to you. Remember you are both implementing and sometimes creating company current, even in activities which may seem mundane.

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