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In the April 2015 edition of the supply chain magazine, DC Velocity, the lead story was entitled:  “LEED or Follow”  and can be found here: http://www.dcvelocity.com/articles/20150318-leed-or-follow/.  The story is particularly good going over the various details needed to make a “green building” green or in more professional terms: “LEED Certified”.  Getting into the details of the story might obscure the fact, that people took the initiative to environmental sound, it short to make the world a little better, where it was in the interest the firm, something they could of just ignored.

In Hollywood, when it thinks about people working for firms, there is only things that can happen, short of the the film’s hero being heroic, which is they trample and destroy the planet and its people in search of profits, preferably really large profits.  You probably live in a more complicated world where the firm not only has to meet the owner expectations, but customer expectations, governmental expectations, and community expectations.

So if you are designing a warehouse or remodeling one, one can take the initiative to make the facility a more environmentally friendly.  As a for profit corporation, actions must be economically justified.  Some desirable aspects will not make the cost cut. But where you gain efficiency and cost, not only will the environment be cleaner,  the potential for success in the corporation will increase by your taking initiative to put these pieces into the puzzle.

It is something you can be proud of and long term it will help your career by giving you important accomplishments.



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