50 years of supply chain history

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is 50 years old this year.  The Supply Chain Digest put out a short 5 minute video to list the changes in the field as well as the organization. It was shown last month at the CSCMP annual convention. You can see it here at the 3 minute 40 second mark of the weekly Supply Digest video for CSCMP.  Dan Gilmore made the video with Jim Stevens narrating the video.


It is a testament to the speed of change on how much the field has changed.  In the western world not much changed in history from the Roman Empire and its vast network of roads to the Age of Enlightenment when sailing vessels revolutionized commerce. But with computers changing our ability to manipulate data, change has moved to the fast track. Data visibility of transportation, inventory and management costs have given us new muscle to improve the process. How will this process mature over the years? How has this affected your career?

Supply Chain personnel love to organize and plan, but how we do that has greatly changed and the changes are still being understood and improved.  Keeping up with your education in the field will be a key for growth.


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