Talk about the data

I sometimes think  about changing the wording of a famous poem about the sea and lack of water to drink to focus on the flood of data and it would read:

Data, Data, everywhere, although the laptop did squeak, data, data everywhere, but no time to think.

Companies and organizations spend a lot of time and money getting data. Weeks, days and even years spent getting the systems to operate well and as anticipated. Meanwhile  hardly anytime is spent figuring out the process that the leaders and users  in the organization can effectively use that information.

It is only human to work on technology puzzle lacking implementing a system. It is relatively clear objective with an endpoint and a place you can call success. It is much less clear how to use the information in an effective matter in the organization and how to declare that process a success.

Here are thoughts on the process of people using the data.

  • The data should be arranged in matter useful to the users. Software makes it to easy to create dashboard and charts but many times they are hard to decipher and the most needed information is now usefully presented. Planning and involvement of users needs to be done.
  • Creating time to think. It may be that setting a regular meeting may be the tool to create the time to think about the data and make useful and actionable.
  • Related to this is getting others to think. That people at all levels who are affected by the data, need to be able to have input. Sometimes what one group thinks is the issue of the data, is viewed totally differently at  a different level or outside party to the organization affected by the data. Sharing the data can significantly increase its usefulness.

Once it enters into the organization of using its leadership and users in an effective matter for one software program and it will be used for others.





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