Not near my backyard

I was at a networking meeting telling people I work in logistics, and stranger listening responded saying nobody wants trailers near them.

I was curious what that meant. With a bit of conversation, it was learned that the firms he deals with are having problems keeping truck trailers in their lots because nearby residents complaining about them being unsightly and a nuisance.  Those of us making a living either arranging transportation of the trailers or filling them with goods to go somewhere, might have a more romantic and positive view of truck trailers, but not so nearby residents.

In addition to visual issues, noise truck operations create is a significant issue. Many times the truck noises are at night, engine humming, brakes humming, and things going bang in the night.

As a supply change or logistics specialist and manager, more so than most management positions you are outward facing. Responsible organizations know that in addition to being responsive to share holders, customers and employees, being a good neighbor is important to continuing sustainability of operations.

Being aware of actual and potential issues in the community your businesses function, is an important value you can bring to the firm. Being outward facing and in the supply chain, you can bring value to your organization anticipating and responding to these challenges. Respectful attitudes must be maintained even when others may not be.

I like to continually write about individuals who add value to the organization, in a way which can not easily outsourced to robots, software or other organizations. Handling these type of issues, making top management aware of these concerns, and providing good solutions all speak to one more reason why a firm needs you and not another robot or software.

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