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Feb 01

SC advise for Hell and Hand Basket

Perhaps some of may have noticed that the political environment is getting a bit of chaotic out there, hell and hand basket type space.  Those us in Supply Change and Logistics make our living trying to organize chaos in a … Read More

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May 25

Lessons for the Supply Chain from TSA

The long Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lines at airports is in many ways similar to supply chain/logistics issues. Many we will say that TSA is government therefore incompetent, as though the for-profit sector never had a major bankruptcy or a … Read More

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Sep 17

The Ultimate Supply Chain Risk

What is the ultimate supply chain risk?  Imagine a natural disaster destroying your business facilities and/ or the community around it, preventing your employers for working.  Obviously this risk involves more just the organization’s supply chain. But should it occur, … Read More

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