One Step into Future for the Supply Chain

When something like Covid-19 comes along, yes, we are scurrying just trying to survive the challenge. Steady suppliers, manufacturers and customers are no longer steady. But when a big change comes you will already have one step in the future. It will be a different future from the one you experienced and might have anticipated in the past. That future is now and we need to start asking questions so we can prepare.

There will be a lot of questions to ask. There will not be immediate answers in many cases. Here some thoughts on questions to ask.

We have all read about Supply Chain risk. Now, we are going through an active trial of supply chain risk. What have we learned from this trial? How will we deal with this risk in the future?

What do we learn about our own organization and dealing with risk and disruption? How have others handled the disruption? Did you give yourself time to think about the present and the future. You have already entered the future but not necessary the final version of the future.

How agile and prepared were your customers in handling changes in the supply chain? Was communication timely? Was it accurate? How will your customers response to the new future? How will that affect the supply chain? What value added services can you provide for this future?

How well did your suppliers do? Were they agile and prepared? What should be required of suppliers in the future? Does the organization have the right mix of suppliers?

How does all this effect you. What will work be like in the future? Are process changes needed? How will working with you co-workers change?

You might feel should get a crystal ball with good sauce music as background. The answers to these questions will not be clear, but merely by asking them you will get yourself ahead of the game.

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