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It is about getting things done in a timely matter.

Jul 27

Plant visit

Much of the literature of the supply chain is on the exciting stuff of grand overviews and the latest amazing software tools. There is a place for that. Little is written in most of these book, articles and web blogs … Read More

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Jun 16

Realistic Transportation Contracts

Think about transportation contracts between a carrier and a shipper. They are in three parts, two of which receive a lot of scrutiny, and the last part not so much. These three parts are liability considerations, rates, and the last … Read More

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May 29

What you do counts

In the April 2015 edition of the supply chain magazine, DC Velocity, the lead story was entitled:  “LEED or Follow”  and can be found here:  The story is particularly good going over the various details needed to make a … Read More

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Apr 02

Standardized Packaging Going Against the Grain

Last week I attended the ProMat convention, a material handling convention featuring vendors of sort of products from machines to software related to material handling.  Among the educational seminars I attended was an educational session where the Physical Internet and … Read More

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Mar 27

Physical Internet

What is the “Physical Internet”? And is it remotely practical from a logistics practitioner’s point of view? Lastly, should we not rename the “Physical Internet” the “Supply Chain of Things”? Every once in a while one is humbled when a … Read More

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