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Oct 09

Software Sales

Efficient and productive are not terms utilized with software implementations. And there are so many reasons why. Supply Chain Managers trying to resolve the problems of the day have to turn that aside for  short while to contemplate the future … Read More

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Jul 27

Plant visit

Much of the literature of the supply chain is on the exciting stuff of grand overviews and the latest amazing software tools. There is a place for that. Little is written in most of these book, articles and web blogs … Read More

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Jun 16

Realistic Transportation Contracts

Think about transportation contracts between a carrier and a shipper. They are in three parts, two of which receive a lot of scrutiny, and the last part not so much. These three parts are liability considerations, rates, and the last … Read More

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May 29

What you do counts

In the April 2015 edition of the supply chain magazine, DC Velocity, the lead story was entitled:  “LEED or Follow”  and can be found here:  The story is particularly good going over the various details needed to make a … Read More

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