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Sep 17

The Ultimate Supply Chain Risk

What is the ultimate supply chain risk?  Imagine a natural disaster destroying your business facilities and/ or the community around it, preventing your employers for working.  Obviously this risk involves more just the organization’s supply chain. But should it occur, … Read More

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Jan 15

Transportation as a commodity

Here is an interesting video on supply chain brain about trends in transportation in a study by the University of Tennessee and Georgia Southern: It is interview of Mary Holcomb of the University of Tennessee by the magazine Supply … Read More

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Dec 10

2014 Supply Chain Issues

In 2014, I do not expect Supply Chain and Logistics managers will spend lots of time worrying about shipping by drones, but here are some of the concerns they might have. The 2013 changes in hours of services have minimal … Read More

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Oct 31

US-China Transportation Infrasturture

10/31/2013 Yesterday I attended a luncheon sponsored by The Chicago Council of Global Affairs on US-China Transportation Infrastructure.  There are annual meetings between China and US on transportation infrastructure and this year’s was held in Chicago during a global trade … Read More

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Sep 04

Logistics of the Affordable Heath Care Act

After listening to Daren Whisman, Director of Financial Operations of Memorial Hermann, a health care organization in Texas, being interviewed on Supply Chain Brain at, it caused me to think about the supply chain and logistics affects of the … Read More

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