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May 08

Plants and the Supply Chain post Covid-19

Maybe you heard in your career a company leader bragging, how he designed the new or rebuilt to have no room for inventory, to keep down inventory costs and yes, force a manufacturing discipline. Certainly I heard some of these … Read More

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Jan 15

The Economic Value of Trust in the Supply Chain

In the 4th Quarter issue of Supply Chain Quarterly is an article entitled “Off Hours Delivery Project in the Big Apple” by Jose Holguin-Veras, Jeffery Wojtowicz and Stacey Hodges. It tells of the success of the evening and night delivery … Read More

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Dec 10

2014 Supply Chain Issues

In 2014, I do not expect Supply Chain and Logistics managers will spend lots of time worrying about shipping by drones, but here are some of the concerns they might have. The 2013 changes in hours of services have minimal … Read More

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