Changes shipping to or from Mexico.

There are big changes in the transportation and custom regulations going into and out of Mexico from the US. They are described in an article by Jim and Chris Giermanski Supply and Demand Chain Executive March 2014 magazine at:

For years all shipments to and from Mexico had to use a Mexican Customs Broker. the new decree published on December 9, 2013 from the Federal Government of Mexico will change this.  In the past, imports to Mexico from the US, it had to go to Mexico Customs Broker site on the US site where it was cleared by the Mexican customs broker and shipped on their dray trucks to their facilities in Mexico and then given to Mexican trucker for final delivery. The new rules will allow imports to be cleared inland in Mexico by a competent authorized legal representative. Exporters from Mexico will also be able an authorized legal representative.

For larger shippers much more efficient supply chains in and out of Mexico both in cost and transit times will now be possible. My guess is smaller shippers will continue to use Mexican Custom Brokers at the border, but ever here, with the system less rigorously structured, there is likely to be cost savings.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.



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