Sustainability, quick and dirty calculations

Did you ever wonder how some firms calculated that a particular new solution would remove “X” amount of tons of carbon from its carbon footprint?  What do you do you when you are small, can’t hire an expensive service to figure out what affect a particular action would have on your carbon footprint.

I found at the end of article in the current edition of DC Velocity on Ocean Spray improving its carbon footprint, so easy mathematical formulas, written about the author of the article, Peter Bradley. The link for the article is here:

The formula for road movement is:

CO2 emissions (road) = shipment weight * road distance * road emission factor.
The article recommends 149.7 grams for you road emission factor.

You might think, I am a small or medium size busy, and what difference does a carbon footprint make with an organization like mind?  Many businesses have found this is a measure of efficiency of operation.  Working to lower your carbon footprint, lowers your cost of doing business.





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