Holiday Season Networking

The Holiday Season is not only can be a joyous season to be with your family, but I good time for low pressure networking  with your business colleagues.  The holiday get together are particularly good time to network because they are low pressure environment, where makes connections is the thing, and not selling. Relationships for them to be value need to earn their trust.

I am involved with a number of networking groups, with many people in transition. Some of these people, the minute they get a job they step out of the networking.  With jobs changing on average every 3 years, that means if you step out of networking, you will start over the next time you are in transition.

The field of logistics is full of change. Many networking groups provide insightful people who will help y0u understand those changes, many of which will affect the organizations you work out.  So by attending you learn something that will make you more valuable to your organization or perhaps the next one.

I was not good networking for many years.  Slowly I found my niche. Most people find networking difficult in the beginning, but they learn to maneuver in that field with experience, which is another reason to make time for life long networking.





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