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Aug 23

AI-Maybe the Sky Will Not Fall

I was reading an article on artificial intelligence (AI) in a supply chain journal. The protagonist for AI says it will put all the brokers out of business because machines will make all the dispatch decisions. Really? Don’t you just … Read More

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Mar 21

Logistics Customer Service is More Than Things

Customer Service is more than just about things; things such as omni-channel, data, warehouse choices and which transportation carrier to use.  Supply Chain and Logistics is very people and organization centric. One can know all about the bells and whistles … Read More

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Jul 13

Sondheim’s philosophy works in the supply chain too

Recently before the Grant Park Concert in Chicago which features works by Stephen Sondheim, I heard a presentation before the concert. The conductor of the program, Paul Gemignani said that Sondheim was the most collaborative composer, he knew. He was … Read More

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