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Small and medium businessesĀ  try to exist in world where many of their customers and suppliers are big time buyers and suppliers with their sophisticated requirements. The supply chain / logisticsĀ  managers in these firms can best benefit their firm by taking a leadership role meeting the supply requirements of customers and suppliers. Figuring out where to devote the limited resources of the firm will be a major contribution to the organization remaining sustainable and viable.

This blog was inspired recent presentationĀ  by Dana Stiffler of Gartner to the Loyola Supply Chain Summit. Gartner is leading technology research firm which has in the past decade made a name for itself in the supply chain field as source of research on industry trends and performance. Her talk specifically focused on obtaining supply chain talent in the future but its implications were to the larger pictures of sustainability and viability.

Supply chain / logistics managers in small to medium size companies must deal with a changing environment with limited resources and limited time. Here are some ways to maximize those limited resources

  • Connect with the nearest college or university institution which has supply chain courses. They will likely have programs which will highlight current thinking on where the supply chain is going, and provide direction for your leadership. And importantly that connection will help find students who can take the lower level supply chain managerial jobs when they open and provide the future for your firm. Because of the growing field of supply chain and its need for talent, more and more universities and colleges are developing expertise in this field.
  • Connect with professional organizations in supply chain. These will also be a source of current information for your direction and provide important networking contacts both for your firm and yourself.
  • Lastly, we live in a social media world. Find the sites that will provide useful information to you. If you participate in these sites, additional value will be received.






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